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2020 Keeping Faith

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I think at this point we all are looking back and seeing the importance of NOW. With all the 2020 craziness, I think people will have deeper sense for LIVING IN THE MOMENT and enjoying simple pleasures. I am blessed to have shared some fond memories with my siblings in December 2019 right before things took a turn that no one could have predicted. We laughed, we ate, we ENJOYED one another. I am so thankful to GOD to have allowed us that time.

In lieu of our current situation, we have witnessed people become innovators and thinking outside the box to engage with one another and fulfill certain essential services. In these darker times, don't forget that the human race has overcome a lot and we will continue to do so. Take this as a lesson learned to practice better health practices, live more in the NOW (for we don't know when abilities will be taken from our access), and love on one another! If this pandemic has taught me nothing else, it is that time is of the ESSENCE.

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